Toss a Coin into the Trevi Fountain

Everyone who has gone to Rome would have probably tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain. Everyday thousands of people visit the fountain just so that they can throw a coin into the fountain and wish that they will return to Rome! There are many legends around the coin throwing practise and one of it says you should stand with your back to the fountain and toss a coin over your left shoulder to guarantee a return trip to Rome.

img_9202 img_9204 img_9205 img_9207 img_9211 img_9212 The Trevi Fountain is silenced for about an hour every day so that workers can collect the coins from the fountain. Staff ofthe Roman Catholic Charity Caritas has been sorting and cleaning the daily loot from the fountain. It seems they can collect up to about €3000 daily and all these money is used to run food and social programs for the needy and oppressed in 200 countries and territories worldwide!


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