Streets of Hanoi

Hanoi is a street food paradise and the Old Quarter with it hundred over streets is just so crammed with stalls and makeshift shops. The “baby” plastic stools and tables, the bold signboards, the hard-working women, the smell, the noise and the total ambience of the streets in Hanoi is just not easy to describe… need to experience it!! You see vendors washing their vegetables, meat and crockery on the roadside and wonder if it is safe to eat the street food – I would scream “It is safe!”

img_1124 img_1126 img_1127 img_1128 img_1130 img_1131 img_1136 img_1139 img_1140 img_1144 img_1145 img_1146 img_1400 img_1401 img_1402 img_1403 img_1497 img_1656 img_1660 img_1662  img_1703 img_1087 img_1138 img_1432 img_1619 img_1640 img_1668 img_1669 img_1427 img_1516 img_1518 img_1521 img_1522 img_1523

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