Temple of Literature

One of Hanoi’s most revered temple complex is the Temple of Literature (Van Mieu). The temple’s plan is modelled on that of Confucius’s birthplace in Qufu, China and has five courtyards. I was fascinated by the Third Courtyard temple’s 82 stone slabs mounted on tortoises. Each stone slab records the results of a state examination held at the National Academy between 1442 and 1779. Don’t go there on a weekend – it tends to be crowded. Some youngsters go there to take their graduation shots!

img_1243 img_1244 img_1245 img_1247 img_1248 img_1249 img_1250 img_1251 img_1255 img_1256 img_1257 img_1258 img_1262 img_1268 img_1269 img_1277 img_1278 img_1279 img_1288 img_1289 img_1290 img_1294 img_1297 img_1301 img_1307 img_1308 img_1310 img_1319 img_1322 img_1323 img_1326 img_1327 img_1329 img_1330 img_1331 img_1332 img_1333 img_1334 img_1336 img_1339 img_1340 img_1344 img_1345 img_1351 img_1354 img_1355 img_1356 img_1357 img_1359 img_1361 img_1363 img_1367 img_1370 img_1371 img_1372 img_1375 img_1379

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