Farmers’ Market

A Farmers Market is always on my To do List when travelling. I was at the Margaret River colourful and lively weekly Farmers’ Market and truly enjoyed few hours of my time there. This is the place go and meet your friends, shop for food and things, listen to music and just eat and drink with your family. Somehow food always taste better at a Farmers’ Market!!Read more

Good Food at Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix produced Margaret River’s first Cabernet Sauvignon at the Estate in 1972 and the wines maintain a reputation as regional and national benchmarks. Founder Dr Tom Cullity searched the region relentlessly for his first vineyard site, before selecting 8 acres in Wilyabrup, which today remains at the heart of the Vasse Felix Estate. All winemaking from vine to bottle is controlled within the Estate. Fruit is harvested, fermented and matured in small, separate parcels before each barrel is graded,Read more

Australian Truffles

Australian Truffle Traders is owned by two families – the Pottingers and the Booths. It is located about 300 km from Perth in the Southern Forests of Manjimup. This area has the perfect conditions for the cultivation of truffles: rich Karri loam soil, a pristine environment, plentiful rainfall and rich farming traditions. This farm’s first truffle orchard of hazelnut and oak trees was planted in 1999 and it is one of the most productive trufferie per acre in the world! Because of their stringent grading and international export standards, their truffles are in demand the world over, with markets such as France, UK, Singapore, USA and Australia embracing our truffles.Read more

Hand-Made Cheese at Cambray Farm

Even as I was getting out of the car, I saw a flock of milking ewes grazing freely on pastures surrounded by native bushland and drink from natural springs. Sheep milk has superior qualities to both goats’ and cows’ milk, being richer in vitamins A, B, D and E and with over 100% more calcium than cows’ milk. There is evidence that the lactose in sheep milk is more readily tolerated than that in cows’ milk allowing many lactose-intolerant people to enjoy sheep milk products.Read more

Vasse Virgin Moisturisers and Soaps

One experiment lead to another but the success story is that today the boy is eczema free and the “home-made” products have become a big industry with a huge showroom, online sales to all parts of the world and a factory where people can walk in and watch how the soaps, lotions, scrubs, shampoo, massage oils, moisturisers are hand-made using the finest extra virgin olive oil and packed. These products are excellent for people with allergies or sensitive skin.Read more

Art of Fine Wine at Leeuwin Estate

Under the direction of the two generations of the founding family, who work alongside a dedicated team of winemakers including chief wine maker Tim Lovett, the estate produces primary varieties of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. Following European winemaking techniques, Leeuwin is concentrating on achieving complexity, balance and longevity in its wines through a blend of modern and traditional methods. The fruits are transformed into wine using temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, pneumatic presses, and a cellar of imported French oak barrels.Read more

Olio Bello – beautiful oil!

I was given a tour of the farm and pressing factory by the general manager Brett Roberts. Once the olives are brought to the factory, they are cleaned (sometimes it comes with gravel or leaves), catalogued according to size and type, weighed and then washed with only filtered rainwater. In cold press method, the extraction process kneads the olives, including the seeds gently to extract as much of the oils without heating the oil or fruits within 1 hour. These oils are then stored in huge stainless steel tanks for up to 4 months to settle down so that any residue goes to the bottom. The olive oil is then ready for packing. The by products are recycled on the farm as compost.Read more

Changing Colours at Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay was opened to the public on 29 January 2016. It is an exciting destination for people of all ages throughout the year. There are a couple of bars, restaurants, the Barrack Street Jetty, Bell Tower, Rottnest Express to engage you. Go there before sunset and stay back to watch the sun setting. The whole city front takes on a new avatar at night. It is a beautiful sight.
Read more

Jewel in the Cave

Jewel Cave is the home to the spectacular Jewel Cave Preservation Centre. There is a retail and café area within the premise and the also conduct educational and visual tours. Entering the Jewel Cave is a surreal experience – it is an underground wonderland of a display of nature’s best works! The thousands of years old stalactites and helectites , suspended from the ceiling like vines, snakes, cobwebs and crystals are admirable. This cave also houses the longest straw stalactitesRead more