The Killing Fields

I visited the Killing Fields in Choeung Ek where more than 20,000 people were buried. This is a sad place to visit but very informative. It was just awful to think that I was standing on top of a mass grave where underneath lay thousands of bodies. There was a shrine that housed the skulls of the massacred people!! It is shocking that such things happened in Cambodia not long ago!
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Ta Prohm Temple

I love Ta Prohm Temple. There are very thick snake like roots, bend and twisted all over the temple’s walls. Some parts of the movie Tomb Raider were filmed here. Practically every tourist wants to pose for photos with these roots and branches. Some of these roots are so strong and heavy, they have cracked the rocks to grow further.
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The Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat is of course the first in the list when visiting Cambodia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s largest religious monument. Seriously, you may have to visit it for 3-4 days to tour the whole place. Originally a Hindu temple, after the disintegration of the Khmer empire, it has been repurposed as a Buddhist Temple. Be prepared to walk for a few kilometres and climb steep staircases. Read more

The Old Market in Siem Reap

The Old Market, Psah Chas, in Siem Reap is right in the heart of the town. Like most of the Asian markets, this market had clothings, jewellery and everything you need for a house. But of course my favourite place was where the food ingredients were sold. If you feel squeamish or claustrophic, please do not even think of going to this market! The vendors were mostly women, including the butchers. This is one place where you will see rows and rows of little stalls selling live fish, fresh fish, smoked fish, fish paste and fish in every form. All meats and poultry were displayed well and there was a lot of bargaining at all the stalls. The vendors were very friendly and loved to be photographed.Read more