Singapore Chefs in Copenhagen

For the first time, the Singapore Street Food Festival was introduced as an event under the annual gourmet event, Copenhagen Cooking, to allow European food aficionados to sample the tastes and flavors of Singapore right at their doorstep. In cooperation with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Wonderful Copenhagen (WoCo), the Meyer Group (Restaurant Namnam) invited traditional street food chefs to present local hawker center favorites as well as up-and-coming Singaporean chefs for their modern interpretation of local street food. From the 23rd to the 25th of August 2013, the square at Vesterbros Torv in Copenhagen was transformed into a “hawker center” complete with outdoor dining seats so Copenhagen could take Singapore cooking to the streets!Read more

Beer Culture

Denmark is a country with the most breweries per resident!! The Danes don’t really have pub culture and drinking at home with friends and family is very popular. Standard bars generally stock only a small range of beers, but the resurgence in beer culture as well as a focus on good food has led to a number of interesting places popping up which combine the two. You can even sign up for a tasting session to learn more about the art of brewing and different types of beer. Or you can simply visit a few of these microbreweries to sample many different quality beers and enjoy gastropub-style food into the bargain. A visit to the supermarket will surprise you with shelves and shelves of different brands and types of beers.

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The High End and Low End

Whether you are into cafes, bistros or Michelin-starred restaurants you will find it in Copenhagen. The restaurant scene is most distinct and innovative. It caters even for the budget travellers. When dining out try the much appraised Nordic kitchen at least once. It is known for being of high quality and with a focus on using local and seasonal produce.Read more

Copenhagen Gay Pride Parade

Gays, lesbians, drags, transsexuals, heterosexuals -all of them gathered for this occasion. It was a day of fun as speakers blast Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ and the bubble machine gets into full gear and I saw a sea of grinning faces. The floats were heavy with people in bright outrageous clothes and the onlookers like me were either dancing or raising a beer to toast! Even dogs and cats were dressed in rainbow sweaters. Long into the night, Copenhageners were celebrating and dancing in the street.
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