Ho Chi Minh street foods

There is lots more food in Vietnam than just Pho and Banh Mi. Vietnamese cuisine is all about fresh and simple ingredients. In Ho Chi Minh, everywhere you turn, whatever time it is, there are people preparing food or eating. People sit on low stools to consume their meals. When travelling always stick to freshly cooked hot food.Read more

Binh Tay market in Cholon

I visited the big Ben Thanh market and did not like it for two reasons – the vendors were too pushy and there were too many touts. My favourite market in this city is certainly the Binh Tay market in Cholon. This market caters for the Vietnamese locals and therefore prices were very reasonable and I also found the vendors friendly.Read more

Here and There in Ho Chi Minh city

There are a lot of interesting places to see in Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding area and it is best explored on foot. Don’t forget to wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat – it can be very hot! If possible leave your important documents like passport in the hotel’s safe.Read more

Temple Visit

Chùa Bà Thiên Hậu (The Pagoda of the Lady Thien Hau) is a Chinese style temple located on Nguyễn Trãi Street in the Cho Lon (Chinatown) district of Ho Chi Minh City. The roof of the pagoda tells fantastic tales taken from traditional Chinese lore, while the walls are covered with lacquer paintings of various spirits and deities. This temple should be a “must visit” place in this city.Read more