A Land by the Shore

Chef Naren is often very busy, looking after the catering service which is a big part of the hotel’s business. Food is sometimes catered to as many as 13,000 people at any one time, involving about 300 service people for the occasion. Organizing 75 tandoor ovens to setting up 65 buffet stations – all come under his purview. The ever smiling Chef Naren’s food philosophy is to “create and serve honest food”. He explained to me that the recipes feature unique ingredients like toddy vinegar from Goa, home-made clarified butter, Kundapur coconut and Kodampuli (a souring agent used for seafood). Some of these exotic ingredients are sourced around from villages.Read more

It’s The Paul in Bangalore

From Hyderabad, my next port of call was Bangalore, India’s IT capital.   I was picked up from the Bengaluru International Airport by Paul Bangalore’s driver who headed towards Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka. The ride was bumpy as the car travelled on potholed roads and had to weave through the morning chaotic traffic jams for about two hours before I reached the hotel. The irony is that the hotel is only about 35km away from the airportRead more

Eating Kerala in Bangalore

ordered the Vazha Kumboo cutlet made of plantain flowers and chopped onions mixed with other spices and then crumbed and fried. It was exceptionally good and tasty. Not many restaurants serve this dish as the process of removing the sepals and the florets of the plantain flowers is indeed tedious. The filaments in the florets must also be removed before chopping and mixing with other ingredients and subsequently shaped and fried. Hats off to Vembanad for putting this traditional dish in their menu!Read more