Pune Food

I ate so much when in Pune – both home cooked meals as well as from the restaurants. Indian sweets are to die for, oops, they can cause my death – extremely sweet. However, it takes lots to time and skill to make these sweets that are rich in clarified butter and heavy with sugar. Home cooked meals are healthier with lots of grains especially food cooked in the homes of farmers. If you have time, have a traditional family style meal in Pune.Read more

People watching in Pune

It is only in the countryside that you get to see more people in ethnic clothes! When travelling, I want to see people the way they are – the villagers are innocent and mostly shy people but their hospitality is so warm. They are always ready to share their food – language is not a barrier here – just with gestures they will convince you to have a drink or eat something in their houses. I love people and I do not class people into groups. In my eyes, all men are equal!Read more

Countryside Market

When in Pune, visit the Sivaji market. You might consider being a vegetarian for life after seeing all that healthy, fresh looking vegetables on sale there. Most of them were probably just plucked from the trees that morning. The vendors were very friendly and the whole lot of them were like one huge family!! Check out the two women who are chiselling the mortar and pestles.

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Mumbai Street food

Distinctive street foods is one of the characteristics of Mumbai. People from all walks of life eat on the roadside stalls round the clock. Many people say that the streets foods in Mumbai are much better than the restaurant foods. Some roads are blocked off at night for street food vendors to set up their stalls. There are not much tables and chairs and most people just stand and eat or bring the food over to their cars to eat leisurely. Dosa, a South Indian speciality is so popular in Mumbai. In fact, it is one of the most sought after street food here and there are many varieties of it from the standard Paper Dosa to Chinese Dosa, Crab Dosa, Chocolate Dosa and many others!Read more