Finest Malay Cuisine at Enak

I tried the Pucuk Paku Cendawan – wild forest Fiddlehead ferns with mushrooms. The ferns were stir fried with garlic and bits of julienned chilli and it was not oily. Not many restaurants or stalls sell stir fried ferns as it is time consuming to pick and clean them. The pucuk paku has woody stems that are long and are not eaten. Therefore, it will be certainly a pain to slowly go through a bunch to pick only the young and old fronds and the top part of the stem which is usually tender.Read more

Dining at TEN

Dessert was spectacular with a Wagashi, a Japanese sweet filled with Matcha sponge cake and Japanese strawberry mousse. All these were encased in glutinous rice flour dough. The sweetness of the dessert matched the salt hit and perfumed fragrance of the salted Sakura leaf.Read more