Street foods of Yangon

Street food is the best in Yangon. Mohinga (noodles in a coconut gravy), Burmese Naan bread, boiled chickpeas, Burmese cat fish curry, Burmese rice and curry – these are the most popular daily dishes in Myanmar. I found most food oily and salty but they had a unique taste. It is almost like Thai but not at all and almost like Indian but never the same! From Briyanis to thosai, the Burmese have it but they taste different. Another popular dish is the pickled tea leaves salad – so soft, crispy, crunchy, tangy, salty and good enough for me to eat everyday while I was in Myanmar! Read more

The Market Place

Bogyoke Aung San Market, a 70-year-old market, also known as Scott Market spreads over two floors. It is certainly a place to go just for the sake of looking at the foodstuffs, jewellery, handicrafts, bags, lacquer ware and many other things. In fact, I enjoyed chatting with the local people and was just captivated by the way they bargain at each stall before buying something. Pay a visit to the Theingyi Zay market if possible too. This market was built in 1905 and has more than 1000 shops and stalls!
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The Golden City

It seems there are more than 10,000 Buddhist temples, monasteries and pagodas at one time. Today there are still about 2200 temples, pagodas and stupas. All these temples and pagodas can be freely explored inside and outside. The best time to see the temples is when the sun rises and falls. Inside the temples are faded remnants of murals and ceilings or some religious relics.Read more