Papua New Guinea -Paradise Undiscovered

Few days before we left for PNG, friends and relatives, have been cautioning us with regards to our safety. Everyone had a story to tell “better to go in groups otherwise you will be robbed”; “they drink human blood”; “it is a land of uncivilized people running around with bows and arrows”; “don’t venture out on the streets after dark and during the day”. The last sentence was said by my mother! You can see from these photos that I truly enjoyed my work cum holiday in Papua New Guinea. It is truly a paradise undiscovered.Read more

Food Event at Airway Hotel

The Airways Hotel is one of the best hotel in Papua New Guinea! It is an independent hotel and has over 500 staff, hotel rooms, apartments, restaurant, bars, cigar lounge, a good gym, retail outlets, a spa and only 2 minutes from the international airport. I was in this hotel to teach the kitchen staff to cook Asian food and to conduct master cooking classes that were opened to the public. It was one of the most enlightening experiences in my life – working in a modern large kitchen but with lots of staffs who were not hospitality or culinary school trained. At times, the staffs here were so quick to understand instructions that I thought it puts the staff in my restaurant to shame! Read more