Cooking at the Jetwing Lagoon, Negombo

I was invited to cook and teach some seafood dishes to the chefs at the Jetwing Lagoon in Negombo. This hotel is about 45 minutes drive from Colombo and was my last stop this time around. The admirable architecture of the resort, which was originally designed by a world renowned architect named Geoffrey Bawa. The resort lies on a thin strip of land between the Indian Ocean and the large Negombo’ lagoon, and due to its water features the property boasts of a very relaxed and tranquil resort in the western coast of Sri Lanka and you can witness an awesome sunset every evening!
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Paddy Villa at Jetwing Vil Uyana Hotel

I stayed in a Paddy Field Villa in the midst of paddy fields. I liked the villa especially the open shower concept and the enormous sunken bath tub and the beautiful four poster bed with fine mosquito net draped around it. The villas at Vil Uyana are built around a lake – home for a few marsh crocodiles, lots of fish and surprisingly large bright green frogs and many species of butterflies and birds. I enjoyed my stay in this beautiful place with all the wildlife around me. The staffs of Jetwing are always helpful and efficient, and the food at the Apsara restaurant was of excellent quality.Read more

Tea and Spices at Nuwara Eliya

If you ever go to Sri Lanka, ensure that you visit the highlands like Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. I was at Nuwara Eliya recently. The Colombo-Kandy-Nuwara Eliya motor road offers a exceptionally scenic and spectacular drive. Nuwara Eliya, the highest city in Sri Lanka lies at an elevation of 1890 meters above sea level and lies beneath the tallest peak of the island, Mount Pedro – 2555 meters. Nuwara Eliya is a favourite destination for all tourists to Sri Lanka as well as the people who live there because of the cool, sometimes frightfully cold weather and for quaintness of the place. During peak seasons, all the accommodation rates will be high, and it would be best to book much in advance.Read more

Vibrant Pettah Market in Colombo

I like the open-air markets in Sri Lanka. I particularly enjoyed the Pettah market. The market stretches out towards the north from the Fort Railway Station. I got to see all the leafy green vegetables and herbs the Sri Lankans use in their cuisine. Fresh gotu kola, young jackfruits, betel leaves, coriander leaves, mint leaves and many other greens. Baskets of fruits, different types of chillies, green to red to black peppercorns and many other colourful vegetables and people make up the scene of this market! There are several vibrant narrow streets devoted to different trade and you could spend a whole day here. Remember to wear your sunglasses and drink lots of water!Read more

Fishery at Wadduwa

I visited the fish wholesale market when I was at Wadduwa. I had to leave the hotel at about 5 am to see the fishermen bringing in the catch. The fish market is a vivid and sensuous experience, full of warmth and colour and is a glimpse into the authentic everyday life of Sri Lankan fishermen! At the market, you can watch the fish being brought into the market from the brightly coloured fishing boats, to the auctioning as well as sales of some dried fish and knives used for chopping fish.
The dried gills of the sting ray which fetches lots of money if exported to other demanding countries are also dried and sold here! The gill rakers are actually thin cartilage filaments that enable the sting ray to filter the plankton out of the water column, and every sting ray has five pairs of such gills and each is protected inside a gill slit.
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Blue Water Beach Hotel – Hidden Paradise

was given a extremely warm welcome by the staff of the Blue Water Beach Resort at Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. Wadduwa is 27 km from Colombo and on the south west of Sri Lanka; much laid back but a paradise for sea lovers. You can reach Wadduwa by train, car or bus. The Blue Water Beach Resort is a paradise hidden between lush coconut plantations and facing the Indian Ocean. The beach at Wadduwa is a stripe of golden powdery sands with crystal clear, shimmering water. The Blue Water Beach Resort was designed by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa and is about 16 years old and with about 100 rooms of which 40 are suites. Water is the recurrent theme of the hotel and it lives up to its name Blue Water – cascading fountains, ponds and waterways dot the exterior of the hotel, and there is a giant swimming pool winding through the lobby area and to the nicely manicured gardens! The hotel is said to be in full occupancy almost throughout the year.Read more