My Stay at Cherry Top Farm

Farmers John and Lesley Gallagher have been running Cherrytop Farmstay accommodation since 2002. I had a wonderful slow down kind of life and shared some wonderful moments in the farm. There was so much to do – from farm walks, climbing treehouses, bird watching, foraging, seasonal fruits and berry picking and camp fires under the stars to watch full moon rising!Read more

Tasmanian Beauty

Tasmania is a giant animal and fauna sanctuary. You can see different types of birds or watch dolphins and seals frolicking in the wild. Rugged Tasmania is the perfect place for walking through rainforests, climb cliffs and or just stand on top of jagged mountain peaks. At times, I felt like I was the only one on Earth…… is just heavenly.

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Eating out in Tasmania

Dining out in Tasmania is an experience like no other. Many of the restaurants offer sophisticated menus, stunning views and high-quality wine lists. Food is not that expensive and portions are big. I enjoyed professional service, outstanding meals made with beautiful produce.Read more

My Animal Friends in Tasmania

I can’t believe I met so many friendly and tame animals until I look at these photographs. I found these animals in the farms I stayed or when taking a walk. They were so friendly and some walked along with me for miles. There is nothing like solitude with a friend who walks with you and not talk to you.Read more