Market Visits

You can find mainly fresh ingredients in all Asian markets. At this market in Bangkok, I found freshly prepared curry pastes, just made tofu, fresh noodles, freshly squeezed coconut milk and all the whole works for good cooking experiences. I even found four ladies making spring roll sheets at the market. Don’t be shy to ask for a reduction in price. It is quite accepted to bargain before you buy!

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Bangkok markets

Whether it is food, shoes, cats, birds, silks, guitars or even fighting fish– you can find it at one of Bangkok’s many markets. The Chatuchak Market is the biggest but there are many smaller markets that are equally good. Bangkok’s markets are the best way to satiate the most seasoned shopper’s appetite for objects new and old

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Eating out in Bangkok

There is so many eating options in Bangkok. Eat out at a roadside noodle stall. Enjoy seafood at a local restaurant overlooking a river; enjoy exquisite food from a grand hotel restaurant or have a quick bite in a shopping mall food court. Whatever you choose, and wherever you are staying, you won’t be disappointed.Read more

Street Foods of Bangkok

Food stalls on the streets of Bangkok provide convenient, delicious and cheap meals to the locals. These street food stalls are plentiful and very often you will find a high concentration of them in particularly busy areas. Some street vendors operate in groups, often in local markets, which means you can go to the same place every night and have a different choice of meal. Some even open around the clock. The main attractions usually include a noodles stall, a made-to-order food stall, and ‘curry on rice’ stall.Read more

More Street Foods

It is there everywhere. Yes. Thai street food available throughout the year and throughout the day. Unlike some countries where street food is hardly cooked at home, you will be able to order traditional home style food at the eateries dotted all over Thailand. I think I may have to visit Thailand twenty more times before I will call it a day for the street foods! It is not just about the taste of Thai street foods that draw you there; it is the way they prepare it meticulously and serve you with a smile.Read more