Forums and Workshops at CIA

Being part of the World of Flavors 2012 was illuminating for me. Every chef I met that said the same. I should say it was the perfect combination of delicious food and great instructions with strong intellectual seminars and forums – but all well connected to each other. It made a lot of difference when I was amidst chefs and food related people as all conversations were of the same topic.Read more

At the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley

I was invited to the Worlds of Flavor 2012 International Conference & Festival, with the theme of Arc of Flavors: Re-imagining Culinary Exchange, from the Mediterranean and Middle East to Asia. The event was celebrated by exploring the movement of ingredients, dishes, techniques, and flavors from the first days of trade to today’s fast-changing global palate. Chefs from all over the world were present along with me. The Culinary Institute of America’s annual three day forum is one of the most influential professional forum on world cuisines, food cultures and flavour trends.Read more

Sacramento is on northeast of San Francisco. I found a number of interesting museums, and Old Sacramento, with its historic buildings, shopping, and dining, is a great place for tourists to do some sightseeing or simply relax. The Old Sacramento runs along the Sacramento River, an area that was seen as a great commercial center for the new city in the mid-19th Century. Historic buildings, are now occupied by shops, restaurants, hotels, and museums. Read more

Autumn Walk in Napa Valley

This is the first time I am in a country during autumn! Autumn colour is everywhere! It makes a beautiful backdrop for photos and the roads are strewn with orange, red, brown and rust coloured leaves. As I walked on those leaves I could feel the ground crunch under my feet. I know that they will decompose and replenish the soil with nutrients. It was so beautiful to see the sunlight coming through the leave as it just heightens the yellow colour of some of the leaves and makes it glow. Napa Valley and Greystone are all about vineyards, apple, orange, persimmon and orange trees.Read more

Cooking at Lemon Grass Restaurant, Sacramento

Restaurateur-chef Mai Pham has worked her cooking magic in Sacramento since 1988, when she debuted Lemon Grass restaurant at 601 Munroe St. It continues to serve some of the best Southeast Asian cuisine anywhere. I had the privilege of preparing a multi-course meal at her restaurant. It was a very successful event with two rounds of guests and everyone enjoyed their food. Thanks to the well trained staff of Lemon Grass and Chef Mai Pham.Read more

Streets of San Francisco

The best way to explore San Francisco is by walking around. There is so much to see eg. Skyscrapers of the Financial district, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the Chinatown, Union Square and so much more. There are even companies and chefs offering gourmet walks!Read more

Aquarium of the Bay

A visit to the Aquarium of the Bay is a must when in San Francisco. It was amazing to see the riches that lie beneath the surface of the bay and the surrounding waters. The walk through the crystal clear tunnels as I watched the fish swim overhead is so unforgettable. I heard there are more than 30,000 sea animals living in the bay and along the Californian coastline.

Read more